• LRSD Truancu Hotline 447-7547

    Truancy or skipping school has ramifications that are costly and far-reaching for the student, the school, the district and the entire community.

    Research indicates that school attendance is the single most critical factor in school success and student achievement. Good attendance results in higher standardized test scores, higher student achievement, on-time promotion from one grade to the next, and higher graduation rates.

    Students who are truant or skip school are at an increased risk of delinquent and/or criminal activity. Truant students are also at a higher risk of being drawn into negative behavior patterns involving drugs, alcohol and violence.

    Truancy is more than a school or school district problem— it is a community problem and with your help, we can keep our students safe, protected and in the classroom. LRSD has interventions aimed at addressing underlying problems for students who are reported as truant.

    For more information about our work to curtail truancy in LRSD and how to get involved, please contact Stephen Ewings at 447-3412 and/or via email at Stephen.ewings@lrsd.org. To report truancy, call the LRSD Truancy Hotline, (501) 447-SKIP (7547).