Welcome to Student Hearing

  • The Little Rock School District is committed to providing fair and equitable treatment to students in academic and disciplinary matters. Therefore, the Student Hearing Office was established to implement programs, policies, and/or procedures designed to ensure there is no racial discrimination with regard to student discipline. This office oversees the following:

    • Strict adherence to the policies set forth in the Student Handbooks
    • Annual review and/or revision of the Student Handbook
    • Disaggregation of student discipline referrals that resulted in out-of-school and long-term suspensions or expulsion recommendations.

    The Hearing Officials:

    • Ensure that due process and equity are achieved.
    • Serve as advocates for students during discipline appeal proceedings.
    • Conduct administrative appeal hearings.
    • Work with students and parents/guardians and other specialists deemed necessary to ensure that services are rendered to students.
    • Refer students to alternative learning environments.

    The appeals process can be found on page 46 of the Student Handbook (Acrobat Reader required to view the document.) 

Alternative Learning Environments

  • These programs are designed to meet the needs of students who are not thriving in the regular school environment. The alternative settings are designed to meet students various behavioral, social, academic and personal needs. Among the alternative settings are Felder Learning Academy, Southwest Learning Learning Academy and an elementary alternative learning environment.

    Some students may not be aware of the procedure for handling matters. Procedures can be found on page 45 of the Student Handbook


Contact Us

  • If you have questions contact: 

    Dr. William Broadnax
    Phone - 501-447-3504

    Hamilton ALC 
    Little Rock, AR 72204
    Telephone: 501-447-3504
    Fax: 501-447-3501