• Stephens School-Based Health Clinic

    Stephens Health Clinic Logo

    Providing Medical and Behavioral Healthcare

    to ALL LRSD students and siblings.


    Mondays & Wednesdays 8am-4pm

    Call 501-447-4680 for an appointment. 



    Medical Care through Arkansas Children's Hospital

    Behavioral Health Care through Life Strategies, Inc. and Pinnacle Pointe. 


    Clinic Provider: Shaneika Lewis-Williams, APRN   


    Clinic Nurse, Christen Clemons, RN

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  • What is the Stephens Health Clinic?

    •    We are the Arkansas Children’s School-Based Health Clinic at Stephens Elementary located inside the school across from the Main Office. 
    •    The clinic is open to ALL LRSD students and their siblings. 
    •    Call 501-447-4680 for more details. 

    When is the Clinic Open?

    We are open Monday & Wednesday 8:30am-4:00pm

    Who will see my child?

    A licensed advanced practice nurse practitioner (APRN) with Arkansas Children’s Hospital will see your child. 

    What care is offered?

    •    Routine physical exams and sports physicals
    •    Care when my child is sick or has health problems (on hold due to Covid-19)
    •    Care for minor wounds
    •    Eyesight, hearing, teeth, and blood pressure checks
    •    Shots
    •    Lab tests
    •    Health education and counseling
    •    Teaching good eating habits and weight control
    •    Prescription drugs
    •    Classroom presentations
    •    Referrals to a provider of your choice for care not given at the Clinic
    •    Behavioral healthcare and counseling

    Do I have to be at the visit?

    Stephens: No, parents do not have to be at the visit. Students can be seen during school hours with parent written permission. 

    Other LRSD Schools: Parent must be present to complete paperwork.

    Can my child see their regular doctor?

    Yes, this clinic is extra care and does not replace your child’s normal doctor. The APRN will work with your child’s normal doctor to let them know what happened during the visit. 

    Will my insurance be billed?

    If you have insurance, it may be billed. No student will be turned away if they don’t have insurance or can’t pay. 

    How can my child be seen?

    You can make an appointment by calling 501-447-4680. A consent form must be signed and returned in order to be seen. 

    Special thanks to our partners:

    Little Rock School District

    • Life Strategies Counseling
    • Arkansas Children’s Hospital
    • Arkansas Department of Health
    • The Pointe
    • UALR Children International
    • UAMS
    • Wakefield Future Smiles Dental Clinic
    • Arkansas Department of Education