Forest Park

Elementary School

Little Rock School District

  • Forest Park Elementary is a friendly and nurturing neighborhood school right in the heart of Little Rock!  It is nestled in the charming Heights community! Established in 1913, Forest Park has served students with academic excellence in Pre-K through Fifth Grade for over 100 years!  Generations of students have followed their parents and grandparents in the Forest Park legacy.  We cultivate a family atmosphere where relationships and communication between parents, students, and staff is our first priority! We encourage wholesome values and high expectations while embracing 21st century learning!  The Forest Park community consists of dedicated high performing students, parents, and staff working together to create the optimal learning experience! 
    Grade Levels: PreK-5th                                                                 
    Enrollment: 450
    1600 North Tyler Street
    Little Rock AR 72207
    Telephone:  501-447-4500 
    Fax: 501-447-4501 
    PTA President: Megan Irwin
    Elementary Bell Schedule
    7:40am - 2:55pm
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