Welcome to Care Program


    Supervisor: Andreia Crawford
    4800 West 26th
    Little Rock, AR 72204
    Telephone: 501-447-1880
    Fax: 501-447-1881


    Welcome to the CARE Program

    The Little Rock School District CARE Program offers before and after school child care.  CARE will open a site with a minimum of fifteen students.  CARE is currently available at 22 sites:

    Brady, Carver, Chicot, Fair Park, Forest Heights, Forest Park, Fulbright, Geyer Springs, J.A. Fair, Jefferson, King, McDermott, Otter Creek, Pulaski Heights, Roberts, Rockefeller, Romine, Terry, Washington, Western Hills, Williams


    The CARE Program

    • Provides a safe environment
    • Offers creative and recreational activities
    • Helps children feel good about themselves
    • Encourages growth in relationships and social skills
    • Provides time for homework and outdoor play
    • Click on this link to register online  


    The CARE Program will begin accepting registrations Wednesday at 8:00 AM July 26th.

     Please check this link for registration information for the 2023-2024 school year 

    Please come to our office for a paper copy or click on this link to register online. (Espanol) -->

    The CARE Program is located at 4800 West 26th Street, 72204.


    All parents must have reviewed the Discipline Plan


    Child Care Fees

    • Registration fee $50.00
    • Full time monthly $195.00 monthly
    • Part time 4 days per week $160.00 monthly
    • Part time 3 days per week $119.00 monthly
    • Part time 2 days per week $ 80.00 monthly
    • Part time 1 day per week $ 39.00 monthly
    • 3 day drop-in $10.50 per day $ 31.50 per card
    • Holiday reservation per day $15.00


    Limited space is available so register early! For more information, call CARE at 447-1880.