Frequently Asked Questions

  • faqimage The Little Rock District is excited to announce the opening of a new middle school in West Little Rock for the 2016-17 school year.  The campus will be located at 5701 Ranch Drive, with an initial enrollment of 6thgrade students only.  Seventh and eighth grades will be added in subsequent years.   

    Fifth grade students currently attending Fulbright, Roberts and Terry who reside in the zone in which those schools are located, will automatically be assigned to the west Little Rock Middle School next year, unless their parent/guardian opts to send them to a different school. 

    The district has established committees to help guide the planning and renovation process.  Regular updates will be provided.

    If you wouldl like to receive information about the new Pinnacle View Middle School, leave your preferred contact information by emailing

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Has the name of the school been selected?

    Thanks to input from students and parents, a name has now been selected for the new west Little Rock middle school - Pinnacle View Middle School.

    Has a mascot been selected?

    Students from elementary schools zoned to PVMS helped select the school's mascot - the Sky Hawks.

    What are the school colors?

    The school colors are royal blue and white. 

    Have a principal and staff been selected?

    Dr. Jay Pickering was selected to serve as Principal on February 5, 2016.  Dr. Pickering has also completed staff selection for PVMS, choosing two dozen of the state's best educators. 

    How do I apply for my child to attend?

    You must live in an area zoned for Fulbright, Terry and Roberts elementary schools in the Little Rock School District.

    Please visit the Student Registration Office or Admissions section of the website.  Forms and information will be readily available online.    

    If my child currently attends Fulbright, Terry or Roberts elementary schools, will he/she be assigned to the new middle school?

    To go to the new school, the student must reside in the area zoned for Fulbright, Terry or Roberts, regardless of where he or she now attends.

    Current 5th grade students attending Fulbright, Terry or Roberts who do not reside in the area zoned for those schools, will be assigned to their respective attendance zone middle schools, unless parents have requested and receive an alternate assignment to a magnet or specialty school.

    What are the hours of operation for the new school?

    The instructional day will begin at 8:45 and end at 3:45 p.m.

    How many seats will be available?

    Will transportation be provided?

    Bus transportation will be provided for students who do not live in the “walk zone” – within 2-mile radius of school.

    What kind of curriculum will be offered?

    A traditional middle school curriculum will be offered.  The goal of the west Little Rock middle school is to prepare students for a rigorous liberal arts educational experience in high school.

    What kind of electives will be available?

    The principal and school staff will determine appropriate electives.

    Will extra-curricular activities be provided?

    Yes,  activities comparable to those offered to 6-8th grades students in other middle schools in the district will be offered.