• Skyhawk

    The Little Rock District established Pinnacle View Middle School in the 2016-17 school year. The campus is located at 5701 Ranch Drive. Our main contact number is 447-8500. Each staff member has a direct line.

    What grade levels can attend PVMS? 

    ● 6th -8th grade students can attend if they live in the school zone 

    How was the mascot selected? 

    ● Students from elementary schools zoned to PVMS helped select the school's mascot - the Sky Hawks. 

    What are the school colors? 

    ● The school colors are royal blue, white, and gray. 

    How do I apply for my child to attend? 

    ● You must live in an area zoned for Pinnacle View Middle School. 

    ● Registration and Enrollment 

    ● You may check in by logging on to: 


    Username: Student's ID number 

    Password: Student's Date of Birth, which must be entered with a two digit month forward slash, two digit date forward slash and four digit year. The DOB must be in the following format MM/DD/YYYY 

    If my child currently attends Fulbright, Terry or Roberts elementary schools, will he/she automatically be assigned to the new middle school? 

    ● To go to the new school, the student must reside in the area zoned for Fulbright, Terry or Roberts, regardless of where he or she now attends. Current 5th grade students attending Fulbright, Terry or Roberts who do not reside in the area zoned for those schools, will be assigned to their respective attendance zone middle schools, unless parents have requested and receive an alternate assignment to a magnet or specialty school. 

    What are the hours of operation for the PVMS? 

    ● The instructional day will begin at 8:45 and end at 3:45 p.m. Students can begin arriving at school at 8:00am. There is no adult supervision prior to 8am. There are no after school programs available at PVMS.

    Does PVMS have lockers? 

    ● We do not have lockers available. 

    How many seats will be available? 

    ● Contact Student Registration for availability 

    Will transportation be provided? 

    ● Bus transportation will be provided for students who do not live in the “walk zone” – within 2-mile radius of school. 

    What kind of curriculum is offered? 

    ● A traditional middle school curriculum will be offered. The goal of the Pinnacle View Middle School is to prepare students for a rigorous liberal arts educational experience in high school and beyond. 

    What kind of electives are available? 

    ● East, Dance, Drama (7th and 8th grade), Art, Spanish 1 & 2 (7th and 8th grade), Band, Choir, Robotics, Cultures and Language (6th Grade), Journalism/Broadcast, Gifted and Talented, other state mandated required electives 

    What extracurricular activities are available? 

    ● Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Golf, Cheerleading, Drill Team, Flagline, and Soccer (All AAA sports are for 7th and 8th grade students only. Intramurals are offered for 6th grade students (6th and Goal, 6th and spike, etc.).

    How do students access textbooks online? 

    ● Students can access their textbooks through classlink 

    How do the A/B Days work for this school year? 

    ● Both days will have 4 classes each. 

    ● They will be alternating days, so one week may be 

    ○ Monday: A 

    ○ Tuesday: B 

    ○ Wednesday: A 

    ○ Thursday: B 

    ○ Friday: A 

    ○ The following Monday would be a B day. 

    Does the school have social media pages? 

    Facebook: Pinnacle View Middle School – LRSD 

    Instagram: pinnacleviewms Twitter: @PVMS_LRSD 

    Who should I contact for:

    Questions about academics-PVMS School Counselors (Rachel Schneider A-K or Pamela Lewis L-Z)

    Student having personal issues that may impact school- PVMS School Counselors (Rachel Schneider A-K or Pamela Lewis L-Z)


    Grades/Assignments- Always contact your child’s teacher first, Eschool and Schoology should be checked frequently.


    Discipline/Issues with Behaviors-Designated Assistant Principal (Kennia.Anderson@lrsd.org A-K or Charles.Walker@lrsd.org  L-Z)


    Absences or Enrollment- Tawanna.Johnson@lrsd.org, Attendance Clerk


    Extended Absences (more than 5 days)- Takecia.Campbell@lrsd.org, Principal


    Transcripts/Report Cards- Frances.tate@lrsd.org, Registrar


    504 services- Robin.Williams@lrsd.org


    IEP Services- Deborah.Rodgers@lrsd.org


    ESOL Coordinator- Kathryn.Cantrell@lrsd.org


    Technology Issues- Will.Grafton@lrsd.org