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    The Little Rock District established Pinnacle View Middle School in the
    2016-17 school year. The campus is located at 5701 Ranch Drive.

    If you would like to receive more information about Pinnacle View Middle
    School, leave your preferred contact information by pvms.office@lrsd.org .
    We will have a staff member contact you.

    What grade levels can attend PVMS?

    ● 6th -8th grade students can attend if they live in the school zone
    How was the mascot selected?

    ● Students from elementary schools zoned to PVMS helped select the
    school's mascot - the Sky Hawks.
    What are the school colors?

    ● The school colors are royal blue, white, and gray.
    How do I apply for my child to attend?

    ● You must live in an area zoned for Pinnacle View Middle School.

    ● Registration and Enrollment

    ● You may check in by logging on to:

    ○ update.lrsd.org
    ○ Username : Student's ID number