• Parental Concerns

    School Complaints Resolution Process

    There may be times when parents find they have concerns with their child’s school or education. Pulaski Heights Middle School encourages parents to raise any issues they have so that they can be dealt with promptly and resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned in the most appropriate manner.

    Pulaski Heights Middle School has developed the following complaint resolution procedures that provide parents with guidelines to assist them in addressing their concerns. These protocols provide a framework that ensures parent concerns are treated seriously and that all issues raised are addressed promptly and fairly while adhering to high standards of conduct and concern.

    Guidelines for Parents

    Level One: Contact Teacher/Guidance Counselor
    It is important to address an issue or concern quickly; therefore, you should contact the person most directly involved with your child regarding the matter of concern. For example, contact the physical education teacher if the concern is related to physical education; the math teacher if the concern is related to math; the counselor if it is a scheduling issue or a personal issue; etc. Please direct all concerns related to social interactions or overall academic engagement/ performance to your child’s Guidance Counselor.

    Calling the school and leaving a message for the person to return your call is one way to make contact. You can also send a note or email to the appropriate campus personnel requesting a conference with the teacher or counselor. Be sure to state whether you are requesting a personal conference, a phone conference, or perhaps simply a written reply from the person regarding your concern. Please allow two school days for a response.

    Level Two: Meet with Your Child’s Assistant Principal
    If a parent still has concerns after initial contact with the teacher or counselor, make an appointment to speak with your child’s assistant principal.

    Level Three: Meet with the Principal
    If a parent still has concerns after contact with an assistant principal make an appointment to speak with the building principal. If a classroom teacher is to be present, it is more convenient for a meeting to occur during planning or team time. It is the principal’s role and obligation to follow up on all parent concerns and to keep communication open. The principal will investigate the issue and consider all options to determine appropriate action for a satisfactory outcome.

    Level Four: Contact the Associate Superintendent for Secondary Education
    If the parent still has concerns, you may wish to discuss it further with the Associate Superintendent for Secondary Education, who can provide additional advice and support to seek a positive solution. The Associate Superintendent can be contacted through the Little Rock School District Office at 477-1136