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  • The mission of the Curriculum and Instruction Division is to provide curriculum leadership, instructional support, and results-driven professional development across all content areas as well as improve the quality of instructional programs resulting in higher student academic performance.


    May and June 2019 PD Calendar

Departments within Curriculum

  • Dyslexia  -  Chandle Carpenter, Specialist 501-447-3337 chandle.carpenter@lrsd.org


    ESOL - Dr Karen Henery, Director 501-447-3377 karen.henery@lrsd.org


    Fine Arts  -  Dr. Danny Fletcher, Director 501-447-3344 danny.fletcher@lrsd.org

    Gifted & Talented - Romona Cheneval, Director 501-447-3392 romona.cheneval@lrsd.org

    Instructional Tech & Media Services - Linda Neal, Specialist 501-447-1306 linda.neal@lrsd.org                                                    Travis Taylor, Specialist 501-447-1307 travis.taylor@lrsd.org


    Literacy  -  Sherry Chambers, Director 501-447-3336 sherry.chambers@lrsd.org


    Mathematics -  Dr. Vanessa Cleaver, Director 501-447-3376  vanessa.cleaver@lrsd.org


    Science - Elementary - Joel Spencer, Lead Teacher 501-447-3355 joel.spencer@lrsd.org                                        Secondary - Annice Steadman, Lead Teacher 501-447-3356 annice.steadman@lrsd.org

    Social Studies  -  Laura Beth Arnold, Lead Teacher 501-447-3398 laura.arnold@lrsd.org


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  • Hope Worsham, Executive Director for Curriculum and Instruction 

    Anita Spears, Administrative Assistant

    810 W. Markham St., Little Rock, AR 72201
    Telephone: 501/447-1055
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