LRSD Help-Line Numbers and Information

  • My child didn't get off or missed the bus

    If your school is still open, call your school. the Schools directory with thier phone numbers are here   Otherwise call:

    • LRSD Transportation Department  501-447-7550
    • First Student    501.447.4130
    • LRSD Special Needs Dispatch  501.447.7553
    • Morning Dispatch  501.447.4133
    • Afternoon Dispatch  501.447.4160
    • LRSD Administrative Directory

    My child's School Bus is late

    If a school bus is 30 minutes late or more, information will be on the Transportation page.

    Other Issues:

    Safety and Security  501.447.2075

    School District Main Number: 501.447.1000

    LRSD School Phone Numbers 

    LRSD Administrative Directory 

    Emergency- Call 911


    Q.  What school will my child attend?

    A.  Student Registration-501.447.2950 

    Q.  Do I have to register my child each year if he/she attends the same school?

    A.  Student Registration-501.447.2950 

    Q.  What documents are needed for registration?

    A.  Student Registration-501.447.2950 

    Q.  Where can I find bus route assignments?

    A.  Transportation-First Student-501.447.4165 

    Q.  How can I change my child’s assigned school?

    A.  Student Registration-501.447.2950 

    Q.  Which office do I contact to change my child’s address?

    A.  Student Registration-501.447.2950 

    Q.  Who may I contact for ParentLink information?

    A.  Contact your school for account information.  Email if you are locked out of your account.  

    These are just a few examples of various questions that are asked daily.  Whatever question(s) you may have there is a directory listing available on the Help page for each department.