Audio Video Technology and Film

  • Audio Video Technology and Film

    girls with cameras The Audio, Video, Technology and Film program of study will provide students with opportunities to learn a variety of 21st Century skills. The goal is to provide students with digital media knowledge relevant for the workplace or higher education.

    The class will focus on the integration of audio, video, digital technology. Learning enviroments allow for individual and group planning, research, teamwork, writing, and digital literacy. Through this integration of elements students will learn to design, produce, exhibit, and publish audio, video, and multimedia content. Hands-on skills, and building material students will increase their digital literacy and abilities.

    Students will work in a iMac lab for editing video and film.  Student also work hands on to utilize audio control equipment.

    Photography studio Currently enrolled students have been exposed to working a live multi-camera audio, video, and photography shoots.  Take a look at our Metro Facebook page to see some of the opportunities that students have worked with their instructor, Mr. Roger Robinson.