The House of Givers

  • Altrusimo

  • Heart

    The heart sits at the top of
    the crest because the heart is
    where kindness, generosity,
    and purity are born.


    Diamond & Shield

    The diamond on the shield, in the
    center of the crest, represents the
    importance of protecting others
    with unity and wisdom.



    "Altruismo" is Portuguese
    for "altruism," or "the givers"
    - and that is what we are
    known for being!



  • Griffin

    With the head of an eagle and the
    courage of a lion, the griffin is one
    of the most powerful of all animals
    known for both strength and grace,
    fierceness and nurturing.



    The color black represents prestige
    and an elite quality, just like our
    kids. We are a House filled with
    talent, and we like to win.

    Black is also the one color
    that contains all other colors
    - representing our goal of
    empowering all others.