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    Advanced Placement (AP)
    Advanced Placement (AP) courses allow students to take college-level courses while in high school. College Board has 38 Advanced Placement (AP) courses across 20 subject areas. At the end of the school year, students take the national AP examination for the course or courses they are enrolled in and may earn college credit for an AP exam score of 3 or higher.  During the college application and admissions process, students who have taken AP classes in high school distinguish themselves by demonstrating their desire to take challenging academic courses. Check the LRSD High School Course Catalog which includes all courses offered in the LRSD.

    To learn more about Advanced Placement visit this College Board website.   

    The Benefits of AP Courses & Exams

    • Stand Out to Colleges
    • “AP” on your high school transcript shows colleges you're motivated to succeed, and taking the exam demonstrates your commitment to tackle and complete college-level work.

    • Earn College Credit and Placement
    • Your AP score could earn you college credits before you even set foot on campus. In fact, most AP students who enroll in four-year colleges start school with some credit.
    • Boost Your GPA
    • Most high schools offer a GPA boost to students who take AP. Be sure to check with your school for more information.
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    Pre-Advanced Placement (PAP)
    LRSD offers PAP English I & II, PAP Algebra I, and Geometry with Statistics courses will be provided for students.  Students may also enroll in courses designated as "Advanced."  Both PAP and Advanced courses are designed to prepare students for success in the AP program. 

    AP Courses are offered at each high school. For a list of courses for the 2022-2023 school year,  CLICK HERE .

    Advanced Academics Informational Flier

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