• LRSD's Novice Teacher Program aims to recruit, prepare, develop, empower, support, and retain high quality teachers for Little Rock School District's diverse learners.

    Our mission is to provide instructional support and strategies to result in effective, highly qualified teachers.

  • Who qualifies as a Novice Teacher? Any educator in their first 3 years as a teacher of record.

    If this is you, fill out THIS FORM to register as an LRSD Novice Teacher. 

    Educators with ZERO teaching experience are YEAR I novices.

    Educators with ONE year of teaching experience are YEAR II novices.

    Educators with TWO years as a teacher of record are YEAR III novices.

    Teachers transferring out of state with a standard teaching license are not required to enroll in the Novice Teacher Program. 

    Teachers with no standard teaching license will enter the Novice Teacher Program, regardless of their years of experience.

  • See the calendar of Novice dates and PD Offerings below.